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CNC Projects

Just what you need to start work with your ShopBot and begin to learn about the possibilities of CNC.Would you like to submit a project? Tell us about it here!

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Medical Mask "Ear Savers" Project

Rubberband Racer

Gatekeeper’s Padlock Key Hanger

Rustic Welcome Door Plaque

Vintage Candlestick Telephone Clock

Pineapple Fruit Server

'Jade & Ebony' Box

Boat Hull Nautical Shelf

Neptune’s Soap Dish

Beef, Fish and Poultry Trivets

Petit Gothique Wall Shelf

Hinged Spoon Rest

“Twiggy Branch” Tissue Box Cover

Home Cheer Hanging Plaques

Cornucopia Bread Server

Big Buck Bank

Neoclassical Mantle Clock

Stone & Coral Inlay Vase

“Pierced Tin” Tea Chest

Wooden Chain

Peanut Shell Dish

The Divine Clock

Faux Wood Slab K-Cup Holder/Dispenser

Letterpress Print Block Mirror

Festive Luminaria

Japanese Garden Box

Bentwood Rocker Photo Frame

Quick-n-Easy Business Card Holder

Tuscan Grape Clock

The Paradise Box

7' Slotted Christmas Tree

Spiral Christmas Tree

Basket Weave Table Caddy

The Knife Nest - The Kitchen Top Knife Holder

Retro Camera Timepiece

Poppins Umbrella Stand

Irish Blessing Box

Crazy Heart

Dutch Country Clock

Culinary Apothecary

Finger Joint Box

Gingerbread House Cookie Bin

Wooden Roller Massagers

Mini Grandfather Clock

Scrolled Mirror Frame

Bling Box

Shoe Cubby

Bread Box

Tripod Pedestal Table

Novelty "Pocket Watch" Clock

Candy Duet

Cool Cubes

Trout Bookends

Victorian House Plaque

Seahorse Corbels

Washer Toss


Magazine Rack

Combination Lock

Wooden Jack

Block and Tackle

Bull using 123D Make by Autodesk

Ornithological Abode

Grocery List Plaque

Rose Carved Disc Vase

Desk Chair

Patio Chair

Towel Hoop

Wooden Knot Puzzle

Arch Bridge

Lighted Shelf

Square Puzzle

Strength Crusher

Vectricon Chroniker

Round Weave-Top Box

Indian Head-Buffalo Nickel Bank

State Shaped Cutting Boards

Candy Dish

Coaster Set

Coin Bank

Sunshine Mirror

Coeur d'Amour Box

Mail Repository

Adjusta Lamp

Drying Rack

Entry Bench

Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids Work Table

Festive Cookie Stamps

Holly Christmas Wreath

Wooden Hinged Photo Frames

The Shoe Butler

Piece by Piece Basket

Bistro Set

Marble Madness

Tic Tac Toe Game

Collectors Basket


Shop Steps

Two Stepper

"The Reader" Magazine Rack

Vintage Wooden Spoon Wall Rack

You've Captured My Heart

Stools for the whole family!

Scissor Stool