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ShopBot Basic Training

Get to know the tools and the people who design, develop, make and support our tools at ShopBot’s Durham, NC headquarters. You’ll experience what it’s like to be a part of the ShopBot Tools community; see how the tools are manufactured, learn from our staff and meet other ShopBot users.


Our 2-day Basic Training is held at our Durham, NC headquarters. Classes are scheduled at least once a month and are limited in size. The group training takes students from an introduction about how ShopBots work to hands-on design and machining.

Classes begin each day at 9:00AM and end at 5:00PM. Lunch will be provided each day, as well as bagels/a light breakfast and coffee each morning starting at 8:30AM. Please note any dietary restrictions in the online form you received a link to in your confirmation email. That way we can accommodate as appropriately as possible.

Prior to coming to your training, we ask that you please download the demo version of VCarve Pro, found on , and familiarize yourself with the software to get the most out of the class.

Cost: $300

Bring a friend to share your computer station with for no additional charge. Limited availability for sharing a reservation. Ask a sales person for details.


No experience necessary. Focus is on beginner to intermediate users. Experienced users find basic training to be useful as a refresher for: tool maintenance, updates to design software, and control software.

Upcoming Classes

  • Check out our Virtual ShopBot Workshop for ongoing virtual trainings. In person trainings at ShopBot Tools in Durham, NC are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

Sign Up

Call 888-680-4466 or 1-919-680-4800 to reserve your seat. Classes are limited in size and fill up quickly.

Day 1

Introduction to the ShopBot Control Software and mechanical systems.


  • Get to know ShopBot and the ShopBot tools
  • Learn how they work and how they are made
  • Let’s get cutting!
  • Learn about thetools, software, commands, and movements
  • Overview to CNC Terminology, CAD to CAM, V-Carve Pro, SB3


Lunch is provided every day. it is also a chance to mix with ShopBot employees.


  • Digital Fabrication in Your World - talk by Ted Hall
  • Accessories: what they are and how/when to use them.
  • CNC Techniques &Troubleshooting.
  • Digging into V-Carve Pro.
  • Importing/Exporting.
  • Q&A.

Day 2

Using design software to create a ShopBot Part File.


  • Review of Day 1.
  • Demonstration on full size ShopBot.
  • Chipload and Bits.
  • V-Carve Pro - Toolpathing
  • Q&A.


Lunch is provided every day. it is also a chance to mix with ShopBot employees.


  • V-Carve Pro - 3D
  • Design and make your own project, with individual assistance as needed, using what’s been covered during training.
  • Q&A.