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Whether you're just starting production or need to scale up to meet new demand, ShopBot tools deliver the power and precision you need. For a fraction of the investment in big-iron CNC tools, ShopBots are highly adaptive solutions and are easily reconfigured to new production scenarios.

ShopBot Tools has dedicated energy and resources to offering the best, most affordable, and configurable solutions for our CNC tools. We make design and engineering choices based on thorough reasoning and always with our customer’s needs in mind.

Robotics and automation are important for production, but robotic capabilities need to be integrated into manufacturing process in an effective manner. For this, they must be adaptable, flexible, and somewhat mobile. Our tools help manufacturers move away from traditional, capital intensive CNC equipment to CNC that can be modified to match the task at hand.

We use the tools ourselves all day, every day. That’s why we understand how CNC, digital fabrication, and robotics are used in production. We make use of that knowledge in the development of our products and in the technical support we provide to you for your production success.

  • Ease of configuration means operations can often be changed, modified, or upgraded on-the-fly without the need to involve extra engineers or other specialists.
  • ShopBots provide the performance and cut quality of tools five, or even ten, times as expensive. For everyday tasks such as drilling, trimming, panel processing, 3-axis or 5-axis machining or carving, ShopBots are the efficient choice. Our performance-to-price ratio is the leverage that allows practical multiple cell-based operations that will improve your bottom line.
  • CNC becomes a competitive advantage with ShopBot’s production performance coupled with their affordable price points. We offer agile solutions, in various sizes, for a multitude of production situations.

We use our own CNC machines in making the CNC tools that we produce – day-In, day-out. We build them to depend on, in our shop and yours.
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Manufacturing Packages

Below are some of our most popular tool configurations. We have a wide range of accessories to customize your tool to meet your business needs. Contact your ShopBot specialist today at 1-888-680-4466. Request a Quote or Get in Touch for a general question or inquiry.

Still can't find the perfect tool? There are many other ShopBot tool configurations available. For custom quotes and questions with your pricing, contact our sales team. We’re happy to help.

Desktop MAX with Aluminum Deck

36" x 24" x 6"

Desktop 7 Piece Bit Kit
Desktop MAX Mini Enclosure
3" Diameter Rotary Indexer, turning length of 21"
Basic Training - 2 Days at ShopBot

Modify Package

PRSalpha ATC 96-60-8

96" x 60" x 8"

HSD ATC 5hp, Single Phase 220v or 3-Phase 230v
10hp 3 Phase Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump including PVC Kit
Dust Collector 1.5HP 60Hz
Router Bit Starter Kit 8 Piece
Basic Training - 2 Days at ShopBot

Modify Package

PRSalpha 96-48-8

96" x 48" x 8"

10hp 3 Phase Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump including PVC Kit
Dust Collector 1.5HP 60Hz
Router Bit Starter Kit 8 Piece
Basic Training - 2 Days at ShopBot
Air Drill Head (includes pneumatic assist)

Modify Package

5-Axis with 2.2hp Spindle, 220v Single Phase or 3-Phase

34" x 34" x 24"

Rhino 3D

Modify Package


ShopBot offers accessories and add-ons for your tool. Here are a few of our most popular items.

CNC Pressure Foot

CNC Pressure Foot

Expand the capability of your CNC machine to cut "impossible" to clamp parts without using tabs or double-sided tape.

Learn more about CNC Pressure Foot
Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump .3hp Kit

A high pressure, low volume system that is ideal for repetitive projects made of non-porous materials

Learn more about the Vacuum Pump Kit
Vacuum Hold Down

Vacuum Hold Down

Vacuum is one of the most effective methods to hold down parts for CNC cutting and machining. We offer options for universal hold down systems.

Learn more about Vacuum systems
Dust Collection

Dust Collection

Proper dust collection not only ensures the cleanliness of your shop, it also protects your lungs from the various materials released into the air of your work space.

Learn more about Dust Collection

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