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ShopBot PRSstandard

The rugged, right-priced, entry-level tool for smaller shops ready to harness the power of CNC productivity.

Efficient. Cost-effective.

PRSstandard 4’ x 8’ with 2.2hp HSD Spindle
Starting at: $21,730

ShopBot's PRSstandard CNCs are our high-performing yet affordable, gantry-based CNC router, priced at less than $20,000. Using proven ShopBot advanced technology for CNC cutting, drilling, carving and machining, the PRSstandard is the right tool for smaller shops ready to venture into CNC productivity yet don’t require high production speeds.

The PRSstandard uses our proven CNC workhorses, the super-tough motors with low-backlash gear heads as well as open-loop Gecko stepper motor drivers, delivering more power, higher speeds and step resolution, and smoother cutting.

The control system software reads the new open standard for CNC code and OpenSBP as well as the older format for CNC G-Code. The latest version of our control system software is always available for free download from our web site. Best of all, as your needs and shop change, so does your CNC: you can upgrade your PRSstandard to our top-of-the-line, high-performance system by simply adding PRSalpha Control System, drives and motors.

Compare the PRSstandard to the PRSalpha

Our most popular table sizes:
4’ x 4’, 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 8’

Tough precision linear bearings on the moving gantry and hardened steel rails for the X-axis.
Reliable rack-and-pinion power transmission on each axis.
Impressive cutting speeds of up to 600 inches per minute (depending on cutting bit and material) and rapid transit speeds of 500 inches per minute.
Sealed Industrial UL Certified Control Box.
Emergency stop disconnect switch and spindle interlock remote pendant.
Z-zero Touch-Off Plate and XY Proximity Switches.
Dust Skirt ready to connect to your dust collector.
ShopBot Control System software to run your CNC.
Bundled with powerful design software to create CNC projects.
Shipped as four ready-to-assemble modules. On-site assembly and training available.
Support Resources and Documentation.
Two-year warranty.
Show dimensions in   Imperial   Metric  Units
Model Cut / Movement Area* Footprint (L x W x H)
PRSstandard 48-48 57” x 49” x 8” 1.45m x 1.25m x 0.2m 72” x 79”x 67” 1.83m x 2.01m x 1.70m
PRSstandard 96-48 105” x 49” x 8” 2.49m x 1.27m x .2m 120” x 79” x 67” 3.05m x 2.01m x 1.70m
PRSstandard 96-60 105” x 61” x 8” 2.67m x 1.55m x .2m 120” x 91” x 67” 3.05m x 2.31m x 1.70m
*Nominal Cutting area and Total Movement Area refer to the areas that can be covered using a single z-axis.
Show dimensions in   Imperial   Metric  Units
XY Move Speed
(with full cutting force)
Variable, max. 360”/min. 9.1m/min.
Z Move Speed
(with full cutting force)
Variable, max. 120”/min. 3m/min.
XY Positioning Speed Variable, max. 480”/min. 12.1m/min.
Z Positioning Speed Variable, max. 480”/min. 12.1m/min.
Step Resolution 0.0006” 0.015mm
Linear Cutting Force  Approximately 50 lbs 22 Kg at 60”/min. 1.52m/min
X and Y Axis Drive System Rack and Pinion
Z Axis Drive System Rack and Pinion
Input Voltage Input Voltage: 110v or 220v single-phase and 230v 3-phase power options are available, depending on tool and configuration.

While there are endless possibilities of what you can do with the ShopBot PRSstandard, here are a few examples of areas where people are putting their CNC tool to use:

Cabinet Making

With CNC, cabinetmakers can drill shelf pin holes, cut rabbets and dados, and profile-cut a completed panel. The operator only needs to handle the full sheet once to load the machine, and then remove the perfectly cut parts when complete.

Learn more about Cabinetmaking with CNC

Theaters and Museums

Realize your team’s aesthetic vision and go quickly from hand drawing to CAD design to full-size scenery panels. Complexity is easily incorporated when using CNC, so you can execute all kinds of ideas—including creating components in 3D.

Learn more about Stagecraft with CNC

Sign Making

Sign makers are using CNC for 3D carving, V-bit carving, profile contouring, fluting, and engraving. It also provides them with the opportunity to cut their own channel letter components, frames, posts, and borders in-house.

Learn more about Signmaking with CNC


High-volume furniture and millwork companies, as well as novice and master craftsmen, are embracing CNC technology. Craftsmen are quickly realizing that the CNC process doesn’t jeopardize their pieces' authenticity; it only adds to quality and uniqueness of the finished product.

Learn more about Furniture with CNC
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PRSstandard Tool Configurations:
  • Table Sizes:
    4’ x 4’, 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 8’
    Custom sizes available
  • 2 1/4hp DeWalt Router
  • Air-Cooled Spindle Options:
    2.2hp HSD, 4hp HSD, 5hp Colombo
  • Z travel: 8"
Accessories and Add-Ons:

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