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Applications:  Sign Making

CNC technology presents opportunities and advantages to sign shops that traditional sign making methods can’t provide. ShopBot tools allow sign makers to be both more efficient and more productive, as well as expand the capabilities of what they can offer to their customers.

ShopBot CNC tools have the versatility sign makers need to tackle a wide range of projects. With the capability of 3D carving, V-bit carving, profile contouring, fluting, and engraving – and the ability to do so in an array of materials – a ShopBot tool can rev up production for a sign shop. ShopBot gives sign makers the ability take full advantage of CNC technology by doing things like cutting their own channel letter components, dimensional signs, frames, posts, and borders.

While CNC is particularly good at recutting the same file multiple times, it can also save huge amounts of time doing custom single or smaller run jobs. In addition to the time savings, a ShopBot tool can provide sign makers with consistency and repeatable accuracy; the ability to use a broader selection of material types such as wood, plastics, composites, high density foam, and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, and copper); the ability to do more work with less manpower or labor costs; and even the ability to do more than one thing at the same time. Unlike most of the more “traditional” sign making tools, you can be working on other tasks while the CNC is machining a project. For example, compared to sandblasting the CNC adds a much higher degree of control, nearly limitless background textures, the possibility of 3D relief carving, and the ability to work with more materials.

Size is No Longer a Constraint

Sign makers are no longer limited in scale in their designs by the mechanical limits of their CNC. The availability of CAD/CAM packages provides the ability to slice any 2D or 3D project into manageable components for machining. Larger scale jobs can now be machined with a few clicks of the mouse. Advanced nesting capabilities also help save on material waste and boost profits.

CNC technology has become the tool of choice for sign makers moving beyond printers and vinyl cutters. These tools, linked to sign design software, have become the central component of many shops, small and large. ShopBot has led the way in making CNC affordable for small shops, and the ease of integration of the tools into design and production operations is unequaled. Once your customers know of your capabilities you will find new jobs coming to you. Getting started with CNC is truly a great way to open your business up to new clients and markets.

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Sign Making Packages

Below are some of our most popular tool configurations. We have a wide range of accessories to customize your tool to meet your business needs. Contact your ShopBot specialist today at 1-888-680-4466. Request a Quote or Get in Touch for a general question or inquiry.

Still can't find the perfect tool? There are many other ShopBot tool configurations available. For custom quotes and questions with your pricing, contact our sales team. We’re happy to help.

PRSalpha ATC 96-60-8

96" x 60" x 8"

HSD ATC 5hp, Single Phase 220v or 3-Phase 230v
10hp 3 Phase Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump including PVC Kit
Dust Collector 1.5HP 60Hz
Router Bit Starter Kit 8 Piece
Basic Training - 2 Days at ShopBot

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Desktop MAX with Aluminum Deck

36" x 24" x 6"

Desktop 7 Piece Bit Kit
Desktop MAX Mini Enclosure
3" Diameter Rotary Indexer, turning length of 21"
Basic Training - 2 Days at ShopBot

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PRSalpha 96-48-8

96" x 48" x 8"

10hp 3 Phase Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump including PVC Kit
Dust Collector 1.5HP 60Hz
Router Bit Starter Kit 8 Piece
Basic Training - 2 Days at ShopBot
Air Drill Head (includes pneumatic assist)

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ShopBot offers accessories and add-ons for your tool. Here are a few of our most popular items.

Rotary Indexer

Rotary Indexer

Like a lathe, a rotary indexer provides a 4th rotary axis for turning a part, but it also provides precise “indexed” control over rotation.

Learn more about CNC Indexers
Automaic Tool Changer

Automatic Tool Changer

An ATC reduces production time by automatically changing cutters during tool paths, allowing you to complete complex projects in a fraction of the time.

Learn more about the Automatic Tool Changer
Vacuum Hold Down

Vacuum Hold Down

Vacuum is one of the most effective methods to hold down parts for CNC cutting and machining. We offer options for universal hold down systems.

Learn more about Vacuum systems
Dust Collection

Dust Collection

Proper dust collection not only ensures the cleanliness of your shop, it also protects your lungs from the various materials released into the air of your work space.

Learn more about Dust Collection

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