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Applications: Education

ShopBot CNC tools are being used in educational settings of all kinds–everywhere from elementary schools through colleges and universities. With tools ranging in size from small and portable, to large full-size tools capable of machining large sheet goods, our CNC tools have found their way into the domain of education in a variety of different ways.

While the most obvious application of CNC technology might seem to be in wood shops and the industrial arts, the educational use of ShopBots goes much deeper. Elementary, middle, and high schools are using digital fabrication to help further STEM and STEAM curriculum objectives. High school and college theatre programs are using ShopBot CNC for scenic production work. Engineering programs make use of our tools throughout their process—from prototyping to producing their end result. Getting an education that includes CNC technology opens up a world of possibilities to any number of employment opportunities, at many different levels, in a vast array of fields.

Some of the many educational organizations that are making use of ShopBot Tools: Elementary Schools • Middle Schools • High Schools • Colleges and Universities • Libraries • Makerspaces • Fab Labs • Technical and Vocational Schools • Discovery EducationCTEFIRST RoboticsSkillsUSA

The modular nature of ShopBot tools means that skills learned with one tool are easily translatable to another tool. It’s just a matter of scaling up or down, depending on the size of the tool being used. Some of the skills learned with a ShopBot tool and the included software are even applicable in using other pieces of digital fabrication equipment. This all adds up to our tools being a great fit in the realm of education.

Our tools are easily integrated into a classroom, makerspace, Fab Lab, library, or really any other setting where hands-on learning is a priority. ShopBot’s are easy to use, reliable, and offer many options to suit your space, budget, and application needs.

Making the case for ShopBot:
  • Our tools are used in industry, primarily in fields ranging from engineering and prototyping to furniture and cabinet making.
  • Our tools are designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA.
  • We offer a wide range of models and sizes to fit any educational environment.
  • We support the global digital fabrication education community.
  • Hands-on training available for teachers and students.
  • On-site assembly available.
  • We are a sole source provider.
  • Payment via PO option for schools.
  • VCarve Pro 40 seat education license included with tool purchase.
  • FREE technical support.
  • FREE online resources: projects & training

Our most popular tools for educational environments are the Desktop, Desktop MAX, PRSstandard, and PRSalpha.
For an all-in-one solution that includes a ShopBot Desktop or Desktop MAX, an Invision Enclosure, and a Work Stand, we recommend our new ShopBot Work Stations.

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