Automatic Tool Changer

Increase your productivity without adding additional manpower. With an ATC, your ShopBot becomes a full machining center allowing you to rough cut, carve, drill, and finish pass without having to handle material or bits in-between operations. Take full advantage of the efficiency that digital fabrication technology provides with an ATC on your ShopBot.

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Maximize Efficiency.

Currently available on our full-size PRSalpha Gantry tools, an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) reduces production time by automatically changing cutters between tool paths, thus eliminating the need for the CNC operator to change and zero tools individually. A ShopBot tool equipped with an ATC can perform operations that would typically require several other pieces of equipment, eliminating the need for many additional machines in your shop.

The ATC allows the PRSalpha to do the full job, even when different tooling is required to make different types of cuts – like cabinets and furniture – or where different bits are needed for roughing and finishing passes – like signs and complex 3D carvings. ATC tools take advantage of our PRSalpha’s high speed positioning and cutting. The installation of an ATC is a performance boost to the production orientation of the PRSalpha’s rigid gantry and linear rail system.

ATC systems come standard with 9 tool positions. Additional tool holder positions may be added to our larger sized tools. The 5ft wide table can accommodate 12 tools, and the 6ft wide can accommodate 14 tools.

It’s powered by an HSD ES915 5hp spindle. The 5HP HSD spindle assembly is fan-cooled. The ATC requires 7 scfm at 100 psi of clean, dry, un-oiled compressed air. PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSORS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED, as they can have trouble maintaining this pressure reliably and have a reduced service life.

Add the ATC to any of our PRSalpha Gantry tools. Our sales team can assist you in upgrading an existing tool or in specifying a new one.

HSD ES915 5hp Spindle.
Pneumatically assisted Z-axis.
Nine-position tool bank standard.
Fixed-position Z-zero plate.
Chuck holder.
ATC interface card and supporting software.
(#22520) Automatic Tool Changer including HSD 5HP 220V Single-Phase Spindle $12,500.00
(#22521) Automatic Tool Changer including HSD 5HP 380/460V 3-Phase Spindle $12,500.00
(#22540) Automatic Tool Changer including HSD 5HP 230V 3-Phase Spindle $12,500.00

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