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ShopBot at NAMM 2023 - The Recap

By Ross Gruet, Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The NAMM Show is the world’s largest music product showcase. This year (2023) marks ShopBot’s third winter NAMM appearance and we have one summer NAMM appearance under our belts, as well. CNC machines are used in musical instrument production facilities both large and small. At every NAMM Show, ShopBot demonstrates how our CNC machine’s function and talk to people about how ShopBot CNC can benefit their business. And while ShopBot CNC machines are known to produce products with repeatable precision, adding just one accessory can take the place of a whole other machine or save time and money on outsourced product.  

Last year we had our Desktop MAX ATC model cutting fanned fret and scalloped guitar fretboards. This year, we brought a gantry tool that is a bit larger: the 4’ x 4’ PRSalpha ATC CNC. This machine features our new Tangential Oscillating Knife accessory. The 4’ x 4’ is a mid-size CNC machine that fits in many shops beautifully. When the Desktop MAX (36” x 24”) is too small, and a full-size gantry 4’ x 8’ is too big, a 4’ x 4’ is the happy medium that offers nearly every option available with a larger tool and is customizable to best fit your needs. The Tangential Oscillating Knife is an add-on that can cut foam, insulation, leather, and other materials without any dust, negating the need for dust collection. Our show demos transformed sheets of foam into custom packaging. This function translates to just about any product that benefits from a padded case and/or custom dimensions for packaging materials–and this only scratches the surface of the tangential knife’s capabilities as an attachment for ShopBot CNC machines. There are plenty more applications to explore. 

Check out everything at the ShopBot CNC booth up close in this video


Our sample table was filled with instrument parts and accessories created with the help of ShopBot CNC machines. Our guest luthier, David Mathis of Mathis Guitars, provided headstock veneer samples with pearl inlay, while Steve Rice of Bourbon Banjos and Richie Dotson of Acoustic Box LLC provided banjo inlay samples and accessories. We also handed out fretboard keychains, created by ShopBot’s Bill Young. They were a big hit with everyone who received one. ShopBot purchased guitar body blanks from American Specialty Hardwoods to create the guitar bodies we displayed at the show. Both the guitar bodies and fretboards we displayed were created by ShopBot employees. 

We had fun exploring the multitude of booths and stages at the show, as well as taking a couple of detours to look at (and play!) guitars we thought were particularly cool. We had a blast talking to long-time customers, interested parties, and educating those who were new to seeing a CNC machine.


The 2024 show will return to its usual 4-day format in late January at The Anaheim Convention Center. We had a great time at this show, and we hope to display at many more. For more info about anything we had at The NAMM Show, or to find out which CNC machine will work best for your business, call or email us any time!


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