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Press Release: ShopBot Tools Redefines Desktop MAX ATC with V2 Release

By ShopBot Tools, Thursday, June 8, 2023

Contact:    ShopBot Tools, Inc.



ShopBot Tools Redefines Desktop MAX ATC with V2 Release

Durham, NC — ShopBot Tools, Inc., USA CNC router manufacturer in both the full-size machine and the small format machine markets, has re-envisioned their popular Desktop MAX ATC to automate production work for the industrial market, the entrepreneur, educator, and maker. Like the previous model of this tool, its machined aluminum frame with a 36” x 24” cutting area continues to have an open-bed design and boasts several deck options that can be swapped out based on demands: 1) a universal vacuum hold down deck with plenum and bleeder board; 2) a slotted aluminum deck which can be partially or completely removed for a wide variety of end-milling and edge work; and 3) a lower slotted aluminum deck with an additional 4” of Z-clearance for thicker materials.

Exciting new standard features on the Desktop MAX ATC V2 continue to set this tool apart from any others on the market. Brian Owen, ShopBot’s CTO, adds “The time savings from automatic tool changes, combined with the aggressive cuts possible with the 1HP electrospindle and larger bits, translate immediately to high volume output and better quality from your CNC. ShopBot continues to help make smaller shops competitive and efficient.”  

The ShopBot Desktop MAX ATC V2 has a number of useful new features. It now comes preloaded with a toolbar housing seven (7) ER-20 toolholders which can hold bits with a shank up to a 1/2” for woodworking and metal machining jobs. The removable toolbar allows through cutting for long materials that extend off the bed of the machine and for switching full sets of cutters as needed for specific jobs. Seven (7) collets of your choice are included with the purchase of a Desktop MAX ATC, 1/8" – 1/2” and corresponding metric sizes are available. Vectric’s VCarve Pro CAD/CAM software and ShopBot CNC Control System Software are included with each tool purchase along with live technical support and training options.

Ready for prototyping or production in any size shop, the Desktop MAX ATC requires only 110v electrical service and an air source to provide 4cfm @90PSI. The Desktop MAX ATC ships fully assembled and fleet pricing is available.

“We have streamlined the components and function of the MAX ATC in ways that speak directly to the needs of our customers,” Joe Brackett, ShopBot Engineer and Project Manager of the MAX ATC V2 continues, “the removable toolbar, up to 28 cutters at the ready, and multiple accessory add-ons bulk up this machine’s versatility for the full production shop or for education environments where changing between different materials and projects are regularly necessary.”

The Desktop MAX ATC starts at $16,820 and can also be purchased as a Desktop MAX ATC Work Station; an all-in-one solution that includes the Invision Full Enclosure, steel Work Stand, dedicated control computer, and a Desktop MAX ATC. The ShopBot Edge Clamp Joinery Jig, 3” or 6” indexers, and other accessories are available to expand the capabilities of the Desktop MAX ATC. This tool is manufactured and sold direct by ShopBot, call for a quote or additional information 888-680-4466.


About ShopBot Tools, Inc. (

Since being founded in 1996, it has been ShopBot's mission to make the empowering technology of digital fabrication widely accessible and usable. ShopBot's CNC routers are used in prototyping, full-production cutting, carving, machining, and milling in a variety of materials, including wood, MDF, plastics, foams, and soft metals. The full line of tools is oriented to be used for both standard and specialty operations. ShopBot tools are designed and built in Durham, North Carolina, USA. 

In June 2021, ShopBot Tools, Inc. became the first Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) in North Carolina and the 28th EOT in the USA. The EOT model empowers ShopBot employees to move the company forward for the benefit of the business, the ShopBot community, and digital fabrication interests at large.

Please reach out to with questions, to request photos, or to request additional information.

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