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Patchwork Holiday Market 2021: Recap

By Ross Gruet, Monday, December 20, 2021

The Patchwork Market is one of the best handmade and small business market events in North Carolina. On December 5th, 2021, ShopBot had the pleasure of displaying one of our Desktop CNC tools, sample items made with our CNC tools, and we provided mini moose figurines (CNC-made, of course) as giveaway items for the first 100 guests in the door.



Leading up to the big day, we brought an enormous, life-sized moose named Norm! all over Durham, NC to spend time at many well-known landmarks. Norm was created by a former ShopBot employee who photographed a hand-carved wood project his father made, transformed the silhouette with CAD software, and re-sized the design to nearly 8’ x 9’ to finally be cut on our in-house PRSalpha ATC CNC tool. Our in-house fabricator, Tyler, further tweaked the file to be sure it slotted together snug and cleaned up the ShopBot and Patchwork logos to appear crisp on the legs. Two massive sheets of expanded PVC later, we had ourselves a mega-moose!


Why would we go through all the trouble of carting a giant moose around town before this event, you ask? It’s a relatively little-known fact that ShopBot Tools’ sole manufacturing facility has been in Durham since its inception in 1996. And since we sponsored this year’s Patchwork Holiday Market, we thought it would be fun to celebrate our hometown, bring attention to this new partnership, and get folks excited to attend the event. Those who attended the event had an opportunity to sign up for our mailing list, which entered them into a raffle to win big Norm! (or a medium Norm if big Norm is a little too big). Big Norm completed his Durham sightseeing tour and settled right outside of the ShopBot booth at the market. It was great to see people’s eyes light up when they encountered this majestic creature! 


Once inside, shoppers had a variety of goods to consider, from handmade clothing, to woodwork, art prints, pottery, and more. ShopBot staff talked to everyone interested in learning more about the capabilities of our CNC tools and encouraged people to sign up to win big Norm!


This year marks ShopBot’s 25th Anniversary. Participating and supporting a big local holiday event was a great way to celebrate! Our main goals were to spread the word that we’re here, we’re a small business, and our tools are designed, manufactured, and supported in the United States. Not only were these goals met, but we genuinely love our local community and had a great time meeting all sorts of new people. We hope that the knowledge we shared and chats we had will result in sparking creativity, far and wide! And if anyone is interested in CNC technology, now they know we’re right down the street and that we’re passionate about sharing knowledge and providing user-friendly CNC tools for everyone.



Patchwork Market: Instagram, Website

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