Accessories: Knives

Tangential Oscillating Knife

Make your own precise packaging. Cut patterns from leather for hand-stitching or embossing. Fine trimming of rubber? No problem.

Cut both soft and hard materials, thin or thick foam, rubber, cardboard, leather, insulation and more. Choose from a variety of specialized blades for your specific application.

In addition to a spindle, the Tangential Oscillating Knife can be paired with one additional motorized accessory on both PRS4 and PRS3 alpha gantry and alpha Buddy® tools with any manual tool change spindle and any of our Z heights. PRS4 ATC gantry tools are also compatible with the knife. Talk to one of our sales associates about the motorized accessory options that will pair well for your needs.

  • Max Material Thickness: 4" (Based on longest available blade)
  • Max Cutting Speed: Depends on material hardness, feed rates around 120 inches per minute (3000 mm per minute) are typical.
  • Lifespan of blade: Depends on material roughness, but a blade should last for 100 hours or more of cutting in foam.
  • Software: Compatible with VCarve/Aspire v11 and beyond. Custom post processor included with purchase of accessory. Updates are required in ShopBot control software and can work with version 3.8.50 and beyond. Software upgrades included with purchase of knife accessory.

Pricing varies based on tool model and additional accessories. Call for pricing.

Blades/Vacuum Mat
We recommend XEdge blades.
  • Pointed Tip: Fine detail cuts in thinner, soft material, cardboard, thin foams. Blade is too thin to make cuts in heavier materials like rubber and rubberized foam.
    XK3020-ORP ECOCAM or something similar.
  • Double Edged Blade: Medium detail cuts in thick, tougher material, rubber, hard foam, cardboard, light foam. Blade is much stronger than other types.
    XK3025D-O ECOCAM or something similar.
  • Serrated Blade
    XKEC0038 ECOCAM or something similar.
  • Thick Single Edge Blades: Medium detail cuts in very thick material, heavy foam and soft rubber.
    XK3110-OFP ECOCAM or something similar.
  • Vacuum Mat: Substrate mat to lay between vacuum table and material to be cut. Provides a soft layer so that the blade can cut all the way through the material without hitting the hard MDF vacuum table surface.
    XMM60144-3 3MM or something similar.

Featured Knife Videos

Donek D2 Drag Knife

Donek D2 Drag Knife

Cut nearly anything normally cut with a utility knife with the added speed and precision of CNC.

Compatible with routers and spindles with a 1/2" collet.

  • Maximum cutting depth 1/4"
  • Minimum cut radius 1/8" for material 1/8" and thinner.
  • Minimum cut radius for material between 1/8" and 1/4" equal to material thickness.
(#13108) Donek D2 Drag Knife $249.00
This item is available to purchase in our online store.

Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl Cutter

Allows your ShopBot to cut adhesive-backed sign vinyl, paper, cardboard and thin plastics (up to 1/32”).

Compatible with routers and spindles with a 1/4" collet.

Can be used to create vehicle graphics, professional-quality signs, banners, magnets or parts from thin plastics. The adjustable-pressure Drag Knife Bit holds a carbide knife that swivels as your router drags it around the profile of your design and cuts through the vinyl without cutting through the wax paper backing.

(#13102) Vinyl Cutter $149.99

This item is available to purchase in our online store.
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