Community Events: Camp ShopBot

Let's Go Back to Camp!

About 25 years ago, a small group of ShopBot owners and other folks curious about CNC met in Bill Young’s shop on the coast of Virginia for the first of what was to become Camp ShopBot. Although these informal gatherings of ShopBot owners were sponsored by ShopBot, they were never intended to be sales tools but just a gathering of folks with a similar interest...making things with ShopBots.

Although each one was unique, they almost always included a couple of presentations by ShopBot luminaries on topics like "What’s new at ShopBot", or to share cool projects they had either worked on themselves or heard about in the CNC community. The heart of the gatherings though was always the attendees—whether they owned a ShopBot or not—sharing what they had created or what they wanted to create. It was networking before networking was a thing!

We recently got camps back up and running after a hiatus of a couple of years, so keep your eye out for upcoming Camp ShopBot dates and locations. Are you interested in having a Camp ShopBot at your ShopBot tool location? Contact us at and let us know. We'll gather some information from you and determine if the stars are aligned to bring Camp ShopBot to you.

Check back on this page for information on our 2024 camps as they are scheduled.
If you're interested in hosting a camp in 2024, please email and we'll contact you for more information about your location and schedule.

Camp ShopBot Host FAQ

Who leads the ShopBot camps?

ShopBot will send a representative to coordinate and do presentations, but we encourage the host to be actively involved in both giving presentations and finding local folks of interest to present as well.

How much does a camp cost the host?

We try really hard to minimize the costs for hosts. ShopBot will pay for breakfast and lunch, and any extra costs like rental of chairs or tables.

What should a host supply?

At a minimum, hosts need a somewhat open space that will seat 20 people at a minimum. Most presenters will want to show pictures and ShopBot will supply a projector that connects to a computer, but we’ll need a plain flat wall to project onto. ShopBot can also supply a laptop if needed. You’ll also need some open table space for show-and-tell items that attendees bring.

I have a great shop that would be perfect for a camp! How can I let you know?

Send us an email at . If you are a good match we’ll try our best to include your location into our schedule. Camps are usually scheduled at least 6 months, if not a year, ahead.

Will we use my ShopBot during the camp?

Camps are generally presentation-based and not hands-on training. Due to space limitations and the number of attendees (30-70 people) we can not safely use a host’s ShopBot. On occasion a host will demo their machines before or after the event or during lunch though, but it’s completely up to the host.

Do I need to be a ShopBot expert to host a camp?

Not at all. You just need an interest in sharing and learning

Are camps the same as ShopBot training?

Camps are NOT ShopBot training. Camps are free and are about being inspired by the information presented. They are about meeting and networking with your local ShopBot community

How long does a camp last?

Camps are generally one day events, starting around 9am and ending around 4pm. There have occasionally been two-day camps, but they are generally camps that are well-established and have been held for many years—so they already have built a large following.

Do I have to promote my camp?

ShopBot will promote your camp in things like the ShopBot monthly eNewsletter and through social media, as well as posting it on the ShopBot events calendar. It will definitely increase the number of attendees if you also promote to your friends and followers. Make sure that when you do promote it that you periodically post about it again to keep everyone up-to-date about your camp and to answer any questions they may have.

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