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Software/Operating Systems that may interfere with normal operation:

For the most comprehensive information on PC settings, see the Windows Notes document, or see the notes towards the end of this guide. We strongly advise our pre-setup and tested control computer.

Because ShopBot continuously streams information between the PC and the Control Box, Windows Operating System and other distractions are able to disrupt the smooth motion and operation of the tool and can cause communications problems.

Screen Savers: Disable

Power Save functions: Set these settings to "none" – otherwise, it may cause the computer to slow down in the middle of a cut. LAPTOPS: Powersave mode and will reduce power to the CPU, USB and serial ports, disrupting the connection to ShopBot. Only run ShopBot with plugged in laptop or disable these functions.

Windows Automatic Update: Turn Off. Windows can spend a lot of time checking and downloading the most recent Windows stuff from the web, which can disrupt the cutting file.

Antivirus software: Disable, or set up to check for updates only when first connected to the web.

Other Resource Consuming Software: Resource-consuming software should not be running while the ShopBot control software is open, but there is a lot of software that may be running that is not obvious. This would include any kind of program that occasionally goes to the web and checks for an update. It would also include any active mail monitoring or messaging software.

To be completely sure, disconnect or disable the internet connection while running the ShopBot software. Just closing the browser window does not disconnect the computer from the internet.

PC Setup
The PC setup can be daunting to many users, and you may need an IT professional to help you, but to succeed with the ShopBot and have it work as smoothly as possible, the control computer must be set up accordingly.
If you are in an educational setting you need your IT dept to provide you a standalone workstation that is not managed by group policy or on the network.

For all applications, the PC must be a clean installed standalone workstation. This will wipe/delete all data/files/programs from the computer.

For the workstation setup a clean install is needed, below is our best information on how:

--- Computer Requirements -
Installing Windows with USB Installer -
Installing Windows with CD -
Setting up Control Computer -
Installing the Control and Design Software -

1.)    Make sure we are not using a port that is 3.0 if earlier than Windows 10. This is usually a blue colored port or labeled with an SS icon or will just say 3.0 or USB 3.0. We do not want to use this. It is not going to be compatible with the controller. USB 3.0 is fine for windows 10
2.)    Make sure the usb cable is not over 10ft or extended in any way.
3.)    Make sure the usb port is connected directly in the computer and not a hub.

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