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Error - Runtime Error 5

If this error appears right when selecting a settings file for the tool, there is a quick work-around.

For Example:
If originally selecting a PRS tool when the error occurs, instead select a different folder. Select the “Settings for Older Shopbots folder” and select any settings file within. If originally selecting an older tool when the error occurs, instead select a different folder. Select the “PRS Shopbots” folder and select any settings file within. The software should load up without error. Go to Utilities->Reset Default Settings to reselect the correct settings file now.

If the runtime error occurs at a point aside from selecting the settings file, then the easiest fix is to start with deleting the .ini file. The .ini file can be found after showing hidden files and folders. Here is the process:
1)   Show hidden files and folders. First, open a folder. Depending on the version of Windows, there will appear either “Organize” in the top left of the folder, or “View” in the toolbar.

a.       If in Organize, open “Folder and search options” and go to step 2.

b.      If in View, select “Folder Options”.

2)   Locate the Hidden Files and Folders category and change the value from don’t show, to show hidden files and folders, and hit OK.
3)   Delete the .ini - go to C:/Program Data/ShopBot/ShopBot 3 (This is not on XP) and delete the file called “shopbot” that is the configuration settings file. If on XP, it is in C:/Program Files/ShopBot/ShopBot 3. Once deleted, restart the shopbot software.

If this does not work, follow the software uninstall/reinstall procedure on pages 3-5 of this document:

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