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Applications: Cabinet Making

ShopBot has the products and services relevant to the dynamic needs of today’s cabinet makers–who must be responsive to the changing needs of their markets. The ease of use of ShopBot tools, as well as their adaptability, configurability, and programmability, make them well-suited for the production methods of creative cabinet making.

With CNC, cabinet makers can increase production throughput while minimizing material handling. For example, a ShopBot CNC router can drill shelf pin holes, cut rabbets and dados, and profile-cut the completed panel. The operator only needs to handle the full sheet once to load the machine, and then remove the perfectly cut parts when complete. When the parts are removed from the machine they are ready for assembly.

Thanks to the affordability of ShopBot’s professional CNC tools, the technology of manufacturing cabinet boxes, doors, drawer fronts, shelves, and even countertops, is now well within the reach of smaller shops, not just large cabinet manufacturing facilities.

CNC is Your Tool for Customization

Small and medium shops alike can take full advantage of the CNC process, not only to compete with larger automated shops, but to create value-added parts that distinguish them from competitors. With a CNC, a 3D relief cut can be used as an appliqué or accent to an otherwise ordinary panel without the time investment of hand-carving.

If you want to have a carving on several components or in multiple places, the CNC enables consistent application of the same design, however many times you want to make use of it. Door and drawer fronts can be contoured in nearly any shape, allowing you to transform an ordinary door into something more unique that gets your work noticed. With a talented designer on your team, the possibilities for custom or one-off designs are endless!

CNC is Your Tool for Production Efficiency

The use of CNC technology makes your shop more efficient and accurate. Jobs that once took days, sometimes weeks, to complete by hand are done in a fraction of the time. You have the ability to make quicker adjustments based on your design decisions and customer needs, and you can use materials in a more efficient way—leading to less waste. All of these things lead to something important to your bottom-line: profitability.

Our most popular tools for cabinet makers are the PRSalpha and PRSalpha ATC.

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