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NEW! ShopBot Zeta Tool Packages

ShopBot’s new Zeta CNC routers are designed with the cabinet maker in mind. This new gantry style CNC tool has lower table sides to provide easier access for loading material and unloading parts from the cutting area of the tool and also has several new features, never before seen on a ShopBot CNC.

New Features!

2HP HSD 9-Position Drill Bank
8-Position ATC Tool Carousel
Material Loading Ramp
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The ShopBot Zeta is available in two table sizes:
Cabinet Maker’s 120-48-8 Package
Zeta Series tool with a 120-48-8 cutting area
(Footprint of assembled package: 160 x 97 x 69)
Cabinet Maker’s 96-48-8 Package
Zeta Series tool with a 96-48-8 cutting area
(Footprint of assembled package: 136 x 97 x 69)
Both Packages Include:
  • Robust Dual Z with 5x4 drill bank
  • 5hp ATC spindle
  • 10 HP Becker blower
  • 4-Zone (for the 96-48) or 5-Zone (for the 120-48) vacuum hold down system
  • Hose Cradle Kit and 4”x25’ Dust Hose
  • Dedicated Control Computer
  • VCarve Pro
  • Cabinet Parts Pro
  • ShopBot Zeta Bit/Drill Kit:
9 boring bits (1: 3mm x 57, 6: 5mm x 57 & 2: 8mm x 57)
8 popular bits for cabinet making: 1/4” Downcut, 3/8” Two Flute Max Life Compression Spiral, Carbide Tipped Straight Spoilboard Cutter, Raised Panel Straight MDF Panel Bit, 2” 140° V Flute, 3/16” Radius Carbide Tipped Point Cutting Roundover, 3/8” Two Flute Downcut Chipbreaker x 1-1/8”

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