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PRSalpha vs. PRSstandard Specifications

ShopBot Buddy ® and Gantry tools are available with either the PRSalpha or PRSstandard system. Use this chart to determine which is best for your needs.

Mechanical parts such as table, gantry, Z axis are the same for both types of machines.

Show Units in   Imperial   Metric
  ShopBot PRSalpha ShopBot PRSstandard
Drive Motor: Closed loop steppers with 7.2:1 gearboxes.
With constant positional feedback to the drivers, if an obstruction is hit or cutting too fast the drivers will attempt to correct the position of the motors before activating an alarm, stopping the machine and displaying an alarm on the monitor. Once reset and homed, cutting should be able to be resumed.
Open loop steppers with 3.6:1 gearboxes.
Without positional feedback, if attempting to cut too fast or an obstruction hit, steps could be lost and not noticed until the part file has completed or the operator stops.
Z Move Speed with full cutting force Variable, max. 600”/min. 15.2m/min. Variable, max. 360”/min. 9.1m/min.
XY Positioning Speed Variable, max. 1800”/min. 45.7m/min. Variable, max. 480”/min. 12.1m/min.
Z Positioning Speed Variable, max. 900”/min. 22.8m/min. Variable, max. 480”/min. 12.19m/min.
Step Resolution 0.0004” 0.010mm 0.0006” 0.015mm
Positional Repeatability ± 0.002” 0.051mm ± 0.002” 0.051mm
Linear Cutting Force ≈150# at 60”/min. 1.52m/min ≈50# at 60”/min. 1.52m/min
X, Y, and Z Axis Drive System Rack and Pinion Rack and Pinion
Input Voltage 220v single-phase and 230v 3-phase power options are available, depending on tool and configuration.* 110v or 220v single-phase and 230v 3-phase power options are available, depending on tool and configuration.*
Input Channels Eight (switch closure or 5-volt logic input) Eight (switch closure or 5-volt logic input)
Output Channels Eight (5-volt logic level current) Eight (5-volt logic level current)
* Connecting either the PRSalpha or PRSstandard requires the services of a licensed electrician. Please check the website or contact ShopBot for the wiring information for the set-up you are considering.

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