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CNC Skill Builder: Creating a 3D Chess Set from 2D Components

Build on your existing CNC skills, and learn some new ones, by creating this 3D chess set project. Follow alongside Sallye Coyle to begin the creation of the set, then continue cutting and assembling the set in its entirety on your own.

Welcome to ShopBot Tools' FREE skill builder project-based learning series, where ShopBot users will take the CNC skills they have gained from prior training and experience and put them to use. With this Chess Set project, you'll review skills in both the CAD and CAM side of CNC. This will include things like importing files and cleaning them up, hold down techniques, toolpathing options, bit selection, cut direction, and feeds and speeds.

Get started by following along with Sallye Coyle in a series of videos that will take you from setting up your files to accommodate your material of choice to the actual machining of the parts themselves. Then you can take it and make it your own by sizing your chess set or working with other materials.

This project can be cut on a ShopBot Desktop (24x18) or any larger size ShopBot.

We’re here to help you along the way!

We will be hosting additional Q&A Sessions as the CNC Skill Builder Series continues. When you fill out the form below, you will be put on the notification list for these upcoming sessions.

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