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CNC Skill Builder: Creating a 3D Chess Set from 2D Components

Build on your existing CNC skills, and learn some new ones, by creating this 3D chess set project. Follow alongside Sallye Coyle to begin the creation of the set, then continue cutting and assembling the set in its entirety on your own.

Get started by following along with Sallye Coyle in a series of videos that will take you from setting up your files to accommodate your material of choice to the actual machining of the parts themselves. Then you can take it and make it your own by sizing your chess set or working with other materials.

In the meantime, if you have any problems or have any questions, please contact us.

Setting up the project, importing vectors, joining vectors and sizing chess pieces.

Run time: 10:38

Import Vectors 1:30
Join Vectors 2:15
Alignment tools 4:00
Size the first piece 4:40
Sizing by percentage 5:30
Pattern for importing all .dxf files: Import, Join/Close vectors/Align/Set Size by percentage (15.67%%)

Sizing the slots for scaling and material thickness.

Run time: 12:30

Size the slot for the material 1:05
Draw Rectangle for new slot 1:45
Center new slot in piece 2:10
Copy/Paste in VCarve Pro 2:40
Adjust the new slots to original slots 4:25
Mirror the new slot 6:30

Tweaking the pieces for machining: adding room on the inside corners and manipulating the start point using VCarve Pro.

Run time: 8:51

Adding room for machining inside corners 0:45
Intro to CAM side 2:15
Demo inside corner 2:45
Wire frame vs solid 3:40
Dog bone fillet 4:30
Arc at end 5:35
Node editing mode menus 6:10
Editing toolpath 7:00
Changing the start point 7:45

Making multiple copies of the chess pieces. Laying them all out, both by hand and using the Nesting Tool in VCarve Pro.

Run time: 6:56

Copying to get the correct number of pieces and laying them out for machining
Array 0:45
Self lay out 2:18
Layers/Levels 2:35
Nesting 3:50
VCarve Help 4:00

Hold down techniques and introduction to the tool library and feeds and speeds in VCarve Pro.

Run time: 10:36

Examples of machining without tabs
CAM side: drill toolpath for marking holddown 1:40
Intro to tool library 2:05
Feed units inches per sec 4:30
Turning off Auto Open 3D 5:10
Previewing toolpaths 5:20
Profile toolpath to cut out parts 6:20
Determining number of passes 6:40
Adding tabs to profile toolpath 7:10
Naming the toolpath 9:25

Zoom recording from live training event

Run time: 7:57

Exporting vectors from VCarve Pro, importing vectors for earlier versions of VCarve Pro, and modifying slots for different sized material.

Run time: 4:35

Exporting vectors from VCarve 0:50
Importing Vectors 1:15
Scaling the pieces and slots linking X and Y by percentage
Scaling the slots separately from the pieces 3:10
Unlink X from Y 3:30
Cutting out a test piece

Zoom recording from live training event

Run time: 19:09

Time on the Machine. Topics include setting up, hold-down strategies for different sized chess pieces, and bits for different materials: plastic vs. wood.

Run time: 10:47

Working with plastic
Bit overview 0:30
Listen to O flute in plastic 1:30
Results: looking at the waste 2:00
Working with wood 4:55
Tool for testing slot size 5:10
Up spiral bit 5:30
Down spiral bit 6:03
Cut direction
Hold down markers for screws 7:35
Feeds and speeds 8:45
Chip load calculator 9:17
Looking at parts and clean up

Now it’s time to get creative. Take what you’ve learned from copying and repeating the steps we’ve laid out and change it up - modify your project to be uniquely yours, then share your creation with us!! You have the opportunity to inspire others!

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