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CNC Skill Builder: Bluebird House

Build on what you’ve learned from our Basic CNC Training and dive into this fun and useful Bluebird House project. Create one birdhouse alongside Bill Young and then take a stab at modifying the design to make the next one uniquely yours.

Welcome to ShopBot Tools' FREE skill builder project-based learning tutorial, where ShopBot users will take concepts from our CNC Basic Training class and put them to use. Position and hold down material, change and zero bits, review creating files in VCarve Pro, run toolpath files, clean up parts, and then assemble your very own bluebird house.

Get started by following along with Bill Young on step-by-step videos and use the provided project files to cut. The first time you do it, build the project exactly as we have. Then, make a second bluebird house, but add your own spin by changing up the files – add some of your own detailing to make it unique and modify the size or shape.

This project can be cut on a ShopBot Desktop (24 x 18) or any larger size ShopBot.

You can purchase a Bluebird House Project Kit through the online store (limited quantity available), though you do not need to buy the kit to participate. The “Kit” includes most everything you’ll need to build 2 bluebird houses - except for some basic hand tools that you probably have nearby (or can borrow from a neighbor). There are 2 versions of the kit in the online store one with bits included and the other without. The full project materials and tools list is here.

And, we’re here to help you along the way!

We will be hosting live Zoom Q&A Sessions run by Bill Young. When you fill out the form below, you will be put on the notification list for these upcoming sessions.

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To access the FREE CNC Skill Builder: Bluebird House Project please complete this short form. Once you submit the form it will unlock access to the step-by-step videos on this page. If you have any problems, please contact us.