ShopBot Training Classes

Classes at ShopBot in Durham, NC

Basic Training

We offer basic training in using CNC technology at our Durham headquarters. Classes are scheduled at least once a month and are limited in size. The group training takes students from an introduction about how ShopBots work, to hands-on design work using ShopBot design software.

Click here to learn more about visiting ShopBot Tools and Durham, NC, including info for making travel arrangements.

"My brother-in-law and I can't say enough good things about the
staff, tool, class, shop, and professionalism with everyone at
ShopBot. We talked our entire ride home as to how I am going
to apply the use of my new machine. We are overwhelmed with
the professionalism of each and every person from a newer
person that was learning to management. You all were great
people and we enjoyed very much being there and will be returning.”
– Tom Cicinelli, ShopBot onsite training January 2015

Day 1 : Introduction to the ShopBot Control Software and mechanical systems.
Oriented to new ShopBot owners, ShopBotters who need a refresher and to those who want to find out more about the tool before they buy. You'll learn the basics of loading the software, moving the ShopBot, what a cutting file is and how to run one

Day 2: Using design software to create a ShopBot Part File.
This hands-on session will walk you through the process of making a ShopBot cutting file from start to finish. You will learn to:

  • create a design
  • generate the toolpaths to efficiently and safely cut out the design
  • convert your project into a ShopBot cutting file (sbp or Part File) that directs the cutting
  • preview your part file in the ShopBot Control Software before cutting
  • cut out the final product
  • explore ShopBot accessories(e.g. Probe, Indexer, etc.)

ShopBot Basic Training;  PRICE $300   Classes begin each day at 9am and go until 5pm. Lunch will be provided each day as well as bagel and coffee each morning at 8:30am.

Call ShopBot to sign up - 1-888-680-4466.

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Advanced & Specialized Training

Interested in taking your ShopBot skills to the next level? This two day advanced training course will give you additional skills that go beyond the basics and dig deeper into:

  • CAD software capabilities; create, transform, edit, align, offset and more
  • Optimizing toolpath operations; templates and tiling
  • Knowing your ShopBot Tool; from maintenance tips to SB3 features
  • Creating projects of your own start to finish; from creating pre-sized blanks to jigs and double-sided cuts

We’re still gauging interest regarding this new training opportunity, so let us know if you’re interested in the Advanced Training class by completing this contact form. To help us determine when we have enough people wanting to participate in this course, please mention that you want to be notified once this training is scheduled in the notes field of the contact form. Once we know we have a large enough group interested, we will contact those that have shown interest and schedule the training accordingly.

Interested in advanced training topics you don't see listed here? Let us know.

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Live Online Training

Online training is interactive through visual and audio demonstrations. These free trainings are held twice a month and run approximately 2 hours in length. These trainings are subject-specific and topics are derived from customer suggestions. Each training is recorded and will be posted on our website for further viewing. Online trainings are great for refreshing your CNC skills, learning new areas and most importantly asking questions that you have. The instructor stays online after each class to help users with any other support questions they may have.

TJ will send out an email with the subject and join-in instructions a few days before each webinar. Fill out the form to be added to the mailing list. Your sign-up is not complete until you respond to the email that requests verification from your account. The information will also be posted on the Camp ShopBots/User Groups/Training Classes section of the Talk ShopBot Forum along with any material needed to join in the class.

For more information call - 1-888-680-4466.

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Training at your Facility

We also offer training at your site.  This service can be provided separately or as an addition to tool installation service.  On-site training can be effective when there are a number of individuals who will be using the ShopBot at your site.  For
more information - 1-888-680-4466.

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Other Training Classes

Hayward School of Dimensional Woodworking Sign·Foam3© How to Workshops (Mon - Thur) are being offered through Hayward School of Dimensional Sign Making in Hayward, WI Classes are $950 for Mon-Thursday 4-day workshops.
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Other Training and Learning Opportunities

Tutorials and other learning resources can be very helpful to improving your CNC skills.  We are continually expanding our offerings of materials on this site.

Camp ShopBot is a regional user meeting sponsored by ShopBot Tools and hosted by individual ShopBotters in their own shops.  ShopBot owners and would-be owners get together to swap ideas, learn new techniques and talk about ways to improve business sales and skills.  There is no charge for Camps.
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Using the Talk ShopBot Forum for Help.  Some of the most knowledgeable people around about CNC cutting and machining are ShopBotters.  Many ShopBotters enthusiastically share their wisdom by answering questions and providing tips and comments on our Talk ShopBot Forum.  Have a look; you are likely to find something relevant to your interests or needs.  You'll find that a few hours on the forum are a few pretty good hours of training.

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Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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