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ShopBots are working away in shops and manufacturing facilities in more than 50 countries.  Our tools are straightforward to use and are readily adaptable to international electrical and production standards.  You can have affordable CNC working for you, anywhere in the world.

We are a direct-sales company located in Durham, NC, USA.  In order to keep our tools affordable, we do not have a distributor network, neither in the US nor internationally.  Tools are purchased directly from us and supported from us here.  We appreciate that the absence of local distributors may seem to create difficulties, either in acquiring your ShopBot or in getting support, but we work hard to overcome these potential problems.  This section of our website is dedicated to helping our international customers.

International Questions about Software

Currently, our design software suite and our ShopBot Control Software are documented only in English.  All commands are very clearly presented in menus, many are accessed by icons or shortcuts, and we have found that operators in most languages are quick to pick up the operation of the software.  Both design and control software work in metric or inches and can readily switch between the two.  You will need to make sure the Windows operating system on your computer is using decimal points rather than commas as the numerical separator.

International Computer Configuration

International Electrical Systems

Electrical voltage standards and power availability can vary considerably between countries.  We have developed electrical options for our control system and drivers, and for accessories such as spindles and vacuum hold-down pumps that can be adapted to the electrical service availability in any country and to the power you have in your shop. However, it is important that when discussing a potential tool with us, or when you place your order, we carefully review your electrical service.  We have compiled a listing of electrical standards in various countries and these data can be used for initial guidance in selection of electrical options. [International Electrical Standards by Country]

When considering adding a ShopBot to your digital fabrication setting make sure to review the Overview of Power Supply and Placement for ShopBot documentation in your country.


ShopBot CE Mark

All of ShopBot's CNC Tools (except 5-Axis and Handibot) are available with CE Mark when our International CE Package is purchased.

Learn more about ShopBot's CE Packages

Shipping and Customs

We've had a lot of experience in shipping ShopBot internationally.  Because ShopBots are shipped as modular components rather than fully assembled, shipping is relatively simple, and we maintain a network of reliable international shippers.  For international shipments, ShopBots are fully enclosed in a single large shipping crate, well protected for transit.  Costs for shipping do vary, so please contact us for quotes on shipping and information about logistics.

Customs and import duties and handling procedures can vary considerably.  We are beginning to compile information about ShopBots and Customs for different countries and we may have more specific information for your delivery destination.

International Technical Support

We offer free technical support to all our customers.  Our support is always available by phone and email during business hours (East Coast US), and we frequently check for telephone messages and email after hours and on weekends.  We will attempt to contact you on your local time if you provide telephone instructions. Email is a particularly effective way to reach us from overseas. Use our Tech Support Request web page is the easiest way to ask for help [Click here to fill out a Support Request].

The Talk ShopBot Forum is a great place to get CNC questions answered.  There is lots of information already available on the Forum, and you can post your own specific questions. [Talk ShopBot Forum]

International Training & Maintenance

ShopBot is committed to supporting our International customers. We are continuing to develop resources for those interested in training users on the ShopBot and those who want to service ShopBots Internationally.

In addition to traveling abroad, our Outreach Coordinator, Sallye Coyle, will be periodically offering Google Hangouts and Webinars for the International trainers and maintenance technicians. These sessions will help you train new ShopBot users, as well as help you become successful at tool maintenance—and teach others how to do the same. Sign up here to make sure you’re contacted when these events and sessions are taking place and also let us know what topics you think we should cover that would be most helpful to you.

ShopBot International Trainer Training Resources

ShopBot International Tool Maintenance Training Resources

International Contact Us Form

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