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Version 3.8.x *MAJOR UPDATE*

* View the summary of enhancements to this version, click here.

3.8.50 -- Maintenance update; (FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED, included; install with [UI]) 6/15/18

  -Enhanced PWM Laser Control (for Version 204 and later Control Cards) and fixed gaps
  -Added 5-axis tool features including use of standard calls to CustomCut files
  -Fixed missing Z prox and metric features in ShopBot Setup routine

3.8.48 -- Maintenance update 4/15/18
  -Improve dialogue for ATC Zeroing

Version 3.8.46 -- Maintenance update 2/15/18
  -Fixed metric operation in Desktop and DesktopMAX First Setup and Squaring files

Version 3.8.44 -- Maintenance update 11/15/17
  - New ATC settings for PRS4 version of ATC
   - New Settings Folder for PRS Tools with Z-Axis proximity switches; adjusts [VN] settings for Input 5
   - Updated Setting for 5-Axis Tools; prox switch settings and rotary motor unit values
   - Fixed Limit over-ride crash continuation attempt
   - Fine tuning of Stop Pull-Up/Resume Issue w/PRSalpha tools (But, if problem persists for you; disable Resolution-Shifting in [VU] and limit Jog speeds to 14ips. This should resolve)
   - An alternate implementation of this version of software that uses slowed USB speeds for computers that are experiencing USB communications issues; called 3.8.44_slowedUSB (may limit maximum circle and keypad speeds) 

Version 3.8.2 -- Intial Release of MAJOR UPDATE (view enhancements above)

Version 3.8.4 -- Maintenance Update  3/24/13
   - Two primary issues addressed in this release:
       = A "slow down" in motion that happens when running a file, once started it continues (tends to occur with
           slower processors)
       = A period of "erratic motion" that is followed by communications disruptions and continuation problems
           (also primarily with slower processors)
   **Both problems found their way into the initial release version but did not show up in final screening; now repaired
   - All control cards should now support a hot swap; retained location when controller USB plugged into another
       computer (assuming not turned off)
   - Fixed bug that can occur when an axis is swapped within a file
   - Added additional diagonistic LED signal on Control Card; will cycle on and off @~8seconds when not
       connected to PC but functioning normally
   - [VD,,,0] and [VD,,,1] can now be used at start of a file to force file to run in INCHES or MM. Also works for
       G20 and G21 (the G-code verison)

Version 3.8.6 -- Maintenance Update  4/23/13
   - Fixed issues with spindle/router switching ON when call follows and initial move (e.g. surfacing routine)
   - Fixed problem with initial display when loading older PRT settings file
   - Hitting ENTER as a STOP now works in Keypad moves (Goto Move or Memory Move)
   - Changed functionality so that Control Box firmware can be updated from EASY Mode, click '?'(Help)
   - Fixed EASY Dot display when switching to EASY from Preview Mode
   - Updates to Docs re: G20 and G21 g-codes for swapping axes (see above)

Version 3.8.8 -- Maintenance Update (FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED; included)  8/28/13
   - Now allowing Input from #2 and #4 as responses to Spindle On ? question for Handibots (requires appropriate
       serial number)
   - #4 Input response for Standards and and Desktops also fixed
   - Modified arrow keys for Handibot tablet Z (PGUP/PGDN via Alt-ArrowUP/DN)
   - Improved error correction in probing
   - Fixed problem with Stopping at speeds of .4ips and below
   - Synced file line display of code in Console screen
   - Z pull-up error in multiple toolpath files fixed
   - Fixed problem with Preview Display of multiple toolpath files where post inserted duplicate definitions
   - Fixed problem with spindle turning off when commands entered manually from keyboard
   - Fixed protection on ShopBot Setup to allow it to function without a special Admin start; also fixed shift to metric
        in Setup routine
   - Fixed problem in some situation with Z-Zero not returning to correct location at end of routine

Version 3.8.10 -- Maintenance Update  11/6/13
   - Install includes a Settings file for the new Handibot Tools
   - Install includes BZero.sbp; MTC adds B axis tool change and fixes Change_A  [VI] command
   - When using Keypad, "Fixed Distance" moves will now update location display in Keypad readout
   - Fixed location updating so that when a "Limit Switch" is hit in Keypad mode the location is correctly reported
   - Vachole.sbp subroutine Part File added to 120 and 144 size Vacuum Table folders (it had been missing)
   - Probe-2-Surface returned as a virtual tool; note that depending on file type, some editing of the first few moves may
         be required
   - Command Reference updated for MS vs VS "stack" features and for CP motion (not Jog)

Version 3.8.12 -- Maintenance Update (FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED; included)  1/24/14
   - [UR] (Reset Settings) no longer showing option to delete SbSys.Log in ; makes it more permanent; delete
        from C:\ProgramData\ShopBot\ShopBot 3
   - [UR] fixed problem with running from mm for some settings files; now stays in mm if called from mm
   - Updated math precision to prevent rounding error causing shift to slow speed in some long files
   - In Keypad, Fixed Distance Moves now supported for Rotary (deg) Axes. NOTE! to avoid needing to input a
        separate distance for just for the rotary axis: if you are in inches, rotation will be X10 the inch
        distance in degrees; if you are in mm, rotation will be X0.10 mm distance in degrees
   - In Keypad, Memorized location move pull-up warning improved in comparing current Z/A location
   - In Keypad, (a new) Memorized locations will be converted to current units before the move if units do not
        match the recorded value. E.g. a location recorded as 2,1 in inches, will send tool to 50.8, 25.4 if
        the software is in mm mode. (You need to re-input older locations for this fuctionality to take effect.)
   - Fixed inconsistencies in (rarely-used) positive plunge system; we only recommend positive plunge for special
   - Improved spindle shut-down if communications lost
   - In C2 (Z-zero) routine; there is no longer an automatic pull up to Safe-Z height before touching off on the
       plate. The assumption being that you could not run the routine if you weren't above the plate. (The pull-up
       still occurs after each touch-off on the plate. Use [VC] to reduce the Safe-A pull-up if you do not want to  
       pull up as high. The default value is 1.0inches/25.4mm for most tools, .5in/12.7mm for Desktops and

Version 3.8.14 -- Maintenance Update  3/19/14
    - Fixed some issues with conversion between metric and inches when using ShopBot Setup under [T]ools
    - Fixed highlight line location in small file display; e.g. showed up in spindle warm-up routine
    - Updated Handibot Settings file to create -.05 offsets from prox switches
    - Barcode scanner added as option in "Button" system; see c:\Program Folders\ShopBot\VirtualTools\Buttons
    - Fixed problem with FG that prevent a restart on a line before a J3
    - Improved the handling of variables in the "SHELL" Programming Instruction and with Virtual Tool starts.
         See examples in Programming Handbook.
   - Added functionality for using a Z-axis Proximity Switch with C2 and C3. If you have a tool with a Z-prox
         use Setup under Tools to configure it to be able to re-position the cutter that was last Z-Zeroed.

Verrsion 3.8.24 -- Maintenance Update  7/18/14
    -Provides option to disable electronic gear shifting on PRSalpha tools; this will reduce max jog speed; but prevents
        possible gearshift distance error due to low/slow voltage shift at driver; also allows faster digitizing/probing
    -Fixes problem of misreading Output Status on some processor types ("Unexpected Output Fault" error)
    -Fixes problem of occasional slowing on some processor types
    -Fixes bug with reading and parsing paths and long variable names
    -Work on updated zeroing routines for z prox switches and consistency over all zeoring file
    -Created protection for double hitting of Enter Button in response to start dialogues
    -Now calling Custom90 at startup so that all potential needed variables in my_variables.sbc are loaded
    -Added SetZprox.sbp/Custom8.sbc to manually set the Z prox height when not using ZZero plate, such as with
    -Changed Emergency-Stop Action on PRSalpha and PRTalpha tools to an immediated hard stop (no slowed

Version 3.8.26 -- Maintenance Update (FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED, included)  10/11/14
    -Fixed occasional erractic behavior after repeated Stops and Resumes (and Nudges or Command Insertions)
    -Reduced liklihood of Keypad lockup
    -Fixed erratic Stop problem that can happen when Stop happens in a short Jog (or in last fraction of a Jog)
    -Fixed several inch > mm conversion/reset glitches
    -Small Circle Definition (a rarely used parameter, previously found in VU) moved to VR to make it more readily

Version 3.8.30 -- Maintenance Update (FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED, included)  4/27/15
    -Fixed Handibot Settings File for initial start-up
    -Updated Laser PWM control functions (see VN and VH)
    -Added Spindle Speed info (for manual speed adjustment) in Spindle-Start Dialog
    -Fixed problem with ATC Calibration locking up
    -Enhancements to ATC Tool Zeroing and Calibration system; See new ATC Guide at:

    -Updated Help Links and the coloring of several Commands in ShopBot Editor, SbEdit.exe

Version 3.8.32 -- Maintenance Update  5/25/15
    -Fixed problem with RESUME after STOP during a JOG (in which Z is below pull-up height)
    -FIxed problem with ramps/speed in first file when software has been started in Preview Mode

Version 3.8.34 -- Maintenance Update  6/18/15
    -Fixed memory (out or range) problem with large files having a single stack and ramps on most moves
    -Added blank shopbot.ini file to initial install to help insure "public" file rights (should auto call [UR])
    -Added dates to history
    -Opened permission on "C:/ProgramData/ShopBot" to prevent problems saving settings; STILL REQUIRES

Version 3.8.36 -- Maintenance Update 7/18/15
    -Fixes file-breaking problem that occurs with inline speed changes [VS] within an SBP or g-code file where
        the speeds are very slow (< 1 inch/sec or < 25mm/sec); now handled with a stack break that should be

Version 3.8.38 -- Maintenance Update 10/30/15
    -Fixes run-time error generated by call to the Spindle Speed Controller and not having correct location values
         in registry
    -Updated 5-Axis Zeroing routines and new default setting file for recent 5-axis tools
    -Fixes an error in MTC management of drills

Version 3.8.40 -- Maintenance Update 12/15/15
    -Fixes problem in which a Driver Fault after C3 produces failure
    -Made Driver Fault and E-Stop messages consistent

Version 3.8.42 -- Maintenance Update; FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED, included; use [UI]) 6/27/16
    -Updates PRSalpha setting files for 15:1 indexers (older settings in subfolder)
    -Fixed typo's in Safe Height in MTC file for 4th and 5th axis
    -Added metric indexer posts for Vectric products
    -Re-organized back-up folder for CAM software postprocessors, included addition specialty posts for rotary-indexers
    -Fixed bug in file start-up (a spindle-activation falt or error) after a preceeding file was discontinued; produced error with Surfacing Tool file
    -Fixed ocassional slow-down in large files (failed re-acceleration from ramping)
    -Fixed intermittent bad plunge after resume (fault happened after stopping in a jog move)

(Note that all Installs of ShopBot Software include a README file and an Update History file that detail changes in the software across versions and releases.)

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