Automatic Tool Changer

Powered by an HSD ES915 5hp spindle, the ShopBot automatic tool changer (ATC) is now available for our PRSalpha CNC systems. It can also be installed on existing PRSalpha CNCs. The ATC system includes the HSD spindle, a pneumatically assisted Z axis, six-position tool bank,  fixed-position Z-zero plate, chuck holder, pneumatically operated dust skirt and ATC interface card. Installation of an ATC on a PRSalpha will not slow the PRSalpha’s jog or cut speeds. ShopBot's new eCabinet/ShopBot link, which allows ShopBot's to process eCabinet production files, will fully support the use of this new ATC.

Additional tool positions may be added. The 4ft tool can accommodate 8 total tools The 5ft can accommodate 10 and the 6ft can accommodate 12 tools. The PRS108 wide-format can accommodate 9 total.  Call for pricing.

The Automatic Tool Changer reduces the time a project must remain on the machine by automatically changing cutting bits between cuts, thus eliminating the need for the CNC operator to change and calibrate tools by hand. The ATC allows the PRSalpha to cut complete projects where different tooling is required to make different types of cuts – like cabinets and furniture – or where different bits are needed for roughing and finishing passes – like signs and complex 3D carvings without stopping to manually change bits. Additionally, a machine equipped with an ATC the can perform operations normally done on other pieces of equipment eliminating the need for additional machines in the shop.


(#12520) Automatic Tool Changer including HSD 5HP 220V Single-Phase Spindle; PRICE $15,220
(#12521) Automatic Tool Changer including HSD 5HP 380/460V 3-Phase Spindle; PRICE $15,220
(#12540) Automatic Tool Changer including HSD 5HP 230V 3-Phase Spindle;  PRICE $15,220

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