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ShopBot Tools Introduces the Handibot™ Smart Power Tool: The Company's First-in-Class Universal Digital Power Tool

San Mateo, CA (May 15, 2013)- ShopBot Tools, Inc., today introduced its latest hardware innovation, the Handibot™ smart power tool, to much buzz at MAKE Magazine's Hardware Innovation Workshop. This event precedes the annual Maker Faire in San Mateo. ShopBot Founder and CEO Ted Hall, and ShopBot developers David Bryan and Bill Young were all on hand to demonstrate ShopBot's first entry in a tool category they have dubbed Universal Digital Power Tools (or "U-deeps").
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ShopBot in the News

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Best Practices in Woodworking Technology and Business

Getting Started with CNC

There are a lot of common misconceptions and questions about CNC manufacturing among small shop woodworkers. Some worry that adding a computer-controlled machine somehow denigrates their craftsmanship and might hurt marketing to discriminating customers. Others who have a more positive attitude toward CNC in general are still concerned about the complexities and figuring out what it takes to get started. see more»


Make Magazine

Maker Faire Educators Meetup 2014 Wrapup

After the Making Possibilities Workshop on Thursday, more than 200 educators descended on the grounds of Maker Faire in the throes of setup to enjoy our annual Educators Meetup. Folks from ShopBot, EEME, Circuit Stickers, Lighthouse Community Charter School, City X Project, Maker Camp, and others were on hand to talk about more ways to bring tools and making into schools and libraries… read more»

Pumping Station One

Pumping Station One Video

Come see what the folks at Pumping Station One in Chicago, IL are doing with their ShopBot! see more»

Make Magazine


Face it, you may never have all the tools you want or need. Some may be too big and heavy to fit inside your home or workspace, others too expensive or infrequently needed to make sense. Makerspaces, however, give makers access to those less-than-convenient tools to build projects that might otherwise be impossible. Expect some or all of the following tools at a makerspace, but be prepared for the learning curve for handling more complex ones.… read more»

Woodworking Network

Woodwork Inventor Stars As White House Hosts Maker Faire

Furniture makers and other wood products entrepreneurs are exhibiting today at the first-ever White House Maker Faire today, part of an effort by President Obama to highlight technology development and entrepreneurship in the U.S. - … read more»

Digital Fabber

Vectric Software and ShopBot Tools Come Together

Learn more about how Vectric and ShopBot Tools joined forces, streamlining efforts for fabricators. read more»

Sign and Digital Graphics

Routers for Everyone

Is there such a thing as the perfect CNC router? That begs the bigger, existential question: is there anything that’s perfect? Probably not in both cases, but CNC routers now come in so many different configurations and capabilities that while you may not find the perfect router, you’re likely to find the ideal router for your workflow. read more»


Edit Innovation

Elegant Solutions No. 6

While 3D printing and additive manufacturing is all the rage, Shopbot Tools has brought a truly innovatively subtractive manufacturing tool to market, courtesy of a very successful Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly triple the funding target. read more»

2012 Blog

ShopBot Tools' ShopBot Desktop Review: 6 Month Milestone

I got my amazing ShopBot Desktop from ShopBot Tools six months ago and since then, have put the machine through its paces. Here is a review of how things have gone so far. read more»


Autodesk University 2012: ShopBot Founder Ted Hall on the ShoptBot Desktop

Back in the '90s, Ted Hall was a professor of neuroscience at Duke University. As a hobby he built boats out of plywood in his barn, but found cutting the shapes he needed using conventional tools was tedious. Hall then looked into a CNC cutter, but the going rate at the time—$40,000—put him off. Following that he figured out how to build his own CNC machine for far less, and went on to found ShopBot Tools to share his creations with the market read more»


Woodworking Network

ShopBot Tools Users Share Stories of Innovation

A small manufacturer in Colorado called Donek designs tailor-makes snowboards for Olympic competitors and world cup winners. B/E Aerospace, a leading manufacturer in North Carolina is changing the status quo by introducing leaner, more affordable methods to the assembly line. A high-school teacher in upstate New York is awakening underachieving students' interest in math, science and engineering. What do these people have in common? They think about their work and do it in innovative ways. And they all have ShopBots. read more»


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About ShopBot Tools, Inc:
ShopBot Tools, based in Durham, N.C., designs and manufactures low-cost, high-value Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) cutting systems.  ShopBot was founded by CEO Ted Hall, Ph.D., a Duke University professor of neuroscience, who developed the tool while building plywood boats as a hobby.  After several years of development, the company began shipping tools in 1996.  With 6,000 ShopBots in 54 countries, ShopBot is one of the largest producers of CNC systems for woodworking and plastics in North America.  The company employs 25 people in the Durham, N.C. area.

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