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CricketTrailerGarrett Finney is the founder of Cricket® Trailer. An architect and designer, he formerly worked on NASA's International Space Station and its "habitation module" (where astronauts eat, sleep, bathe and relax while exploring outer space). With Cricket, Finney has created an innovative twist on the traditional trailer, light enough to be towed by today's small cars. Read the full story., is just one of Jon Cantin's creative businesses. A prolific designer, Jon says, " is all about instilling a sense of pride in not only yourself but in those around you while building unique, carbon neutral models that will be cherished for generations to come! Each of our projects include a free 3D animation to see what you are about to purchase." Read the full story.

Donek SnowboardsDonek Snowboards, led by its founder Sean Martin, is a Colorado-based company with a very dedicated, creative staff of riders. They've been handcrafting some of the best snowboards and skis in the world since 1987 -- when Sean was still in high school. Read the full story.

Durham Bookcases Furniture maker Philip Fletcher founded Durham Bookcases back in 1995. "Our goal from the beginning was to build bookcases at competitive prices with high quality workmanship." As time has passed, Durham Bookcases has grown their offerings to include custom-built entertainment centers, wall units, office furniture and bedroom furniture, and increased the variety of woods, sizes, & options to continue to please their customers. Read the full story.

High Voltage Hot Rod You'd like to drive an electric car that gets some good speed every day, but a gorgeous Tesla will set you back $100,000. The Prius is practical, but not that much to look at. Now there's a solution that will have classic car fans sitting up and taking notice. High Voltage Hot Rods takes classic Corvairs, Mustangs, Thunderbirds, Cobras, basically any car that you may have a hankering for, and refurbishes them as all-electric hot rods. Read the full story.

Chris Koontz of BE AerospaceChris Koontz of Winston-Salem, NC, has been building an impressive career as a leader in Manufacturing Engineering. Chris’ current assignment at B/E Aerospace calls for him to provide hands-on leadership of the Manufacturing Engineering, Tool Design, and CNC Programming Departments within the Seating Aftermarket Division. Learn how Chris has integrated ShopBot into production. Read the full story.

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls has been processing mixed plastic and manufacturing products from commingled plastic material since 1986. The company is the second largest in this scenic Iowa city, employing 46 people over three shifts, 5 days a week. According to their site, "Every year the company recycles more than 5 million pounds of plastic into environmentally sustainable products. Read the full story.

Rainbow Ridge: If you're familiar with outdoor Garden Railroading, you know of the beautiful garden scenes with dwarf trees, working waterfalls, and miniature villages that form the backdrop for quality G-scale model trains. Designing and building quality garden railroad villages and scenery has grown from a hobby into a thriving business for Sue and Ross Piper. Read the full story.

Bill SeithBill Seith says on his company website, " is a veteran-owned business dedicated to producing quality plaques and carvings symbolizing the pride that comes from belonging to today’s Special Forces community. Each item is created with pride, offered at a fair price and made to last a lifetime." Read the full story.

Jeff ShapiroJeff Shapiro is a former 6th grade science teacher whose company, Science Kinetics, designs and fabricates interactive educational displays for museums. Jeff began making hands-on displays as teaching tools for his classroom, and turned this passion into his fulltime business in 2005. The company's work is being enjoyed by thousands of visitors to museums across the U.S. and five other countries around the globe. Read the full story.


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