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Wood-Mode, America’s largest manufacturer of custom cabinetry, uses ShopBot software and production support services to optimize workflow.

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One manufacturer turns out hundreds of wood cabinets every day. Another firm is designing, building and shipping 4 or 5 custom snowboards per month, each made of multiple materials. A third business is cutting large sheets of aluminum for building aerodynamic car trailers. They are all using ShopBot Tools, but their production needs are very different. ShopBot will work with you to determine the right tool or tools, and can customize a tool configuration, to meet your unique production challenges. We can help you in person with the installation as well.

Here are some examples of our services. We can assist you by:

 Our team can offer suggestions on upgrading hardware on older ShopBots. You may also find that some older CNC equipment may also benefit by being refit with ShopBot Controls and drive systems.


Our team can support you in increasing productivity and throughput with scheduled maintenance and machine upgrades that will allow you to take advantage of recent hardware and software improvements.

By signing up for Annual Maintenance, we will arrange to visit your facility for a scheduled yearly maintenance and adjustment. These services include:

Our technician will be also available during the visit for production configuration consulting, process troubleshooting, and operator training. Price is $1750.00 annually for a full-day support visit (includes travel). Pinion replacements are included in this cost but other replacement parts out of warranty will be additional. Those companies enrolled in the Annual Maintenance Program will receive 20% discount on installed (or ordered) parts, and a fixed $1400.00 per day rate (includes travel) for any emergency service calls during the year of enrollment (Parts additional). If more frequent (than annual) visits are desired, they can be set up at discounted rates.

Our goal is to help you take full advantage of your ShopBot's capabilities and production flexibility and configurability. To enroll in Annual Maintenance or to discuss any of the other services that may be of use to you, call Ryan Patterson, ShopBot Production Support Services, at 1-888-680-4466.


Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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