Production Support Program

In order to better serve our manufacturing customers, ShopBot has added a Production Support Team and created a new Production Support Program. Our team can support you in increasing productivity and throughput with scheduled maintenance and machine upgrades that will allow you to take advantage of recent hardware and software improvements.

For those companies that wish to participate in the Production Support Program, we will arrange to visit your facility for a scheduled yearly maintenance and adjustment. We will be organizing these visits regionally to minimize travel expenses. Production Support Program services include:

During the remaining time of the Production Support visit, our Production Support Team tech will be available for production configuration consulting, process troubleshooting, and operator training. Price is $1750.00 annually for a full-day support visit (includes travel). Pinion replacements are included in this cost but other replacement parts out of warranty will be additional.

Enroll in the Program and save.

Those companies enrolled in the Production Support Program will receive a 20% discount on installed parts, and $1400.00 per day rate (includes travel) for any emergency service calls. If more frequent regular visits are desired, they can be set up at the rate of $1400.00 per day (includes travel).

The Production Support Team is available to assist our manufacturing customers by developing custom fixtures, jigs and motion components to increase productivity. These fixtures can use air, vacuum, and electro-pneumatics, and where necessary can be integrated through ShopBot Controls to your existing CNC or PLC system control. We can also assist in the development of custom mounts and control for non-cutting tool-heads applied to the ShopBot platform. And, we offer custom programming for situations requiring advanced tool-pathing or additional operator processing steps to produce the most efficient cycle times on your machines. The Production Support Team can offer suggestions on upgrading hardware on older ShopBots. You may also find that some older CNC equipment may also benefit by being refit with ShopBot Controls and drive systems.

Our goal is to help you take full advantage of your ShopBot's capabilities and production flexibility and configurability. To enroll in the Production Support Program or to discuss any of the other services that may be of use to you, call Ryan Patterson, ShopBot Production Support, at 1-888-680-4466.

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