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ShopBot in Production

B/E Aerospace has boosted productivity of airline aftermarket parts by incorporating ShopBot tools.

Chris Koontz has integrated ShopBot into B/E's production facility. read the story

Whether you've got a small or medium size manufacturing business, success today is about agility.

You've got to be able to rapidly adapt production to changing customer needs and adjust production flow to shifting priorities. Product changes come fast and furious – and you need tools that respond to these demands with intuitive configurability, flexibility, mobility, and ease of use for your personnel. These tools are ShopBots.

All of ShopBot's CNC tools are production-ready.
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PRSstandard series

PRSstandard series

PRSalpha series

PRSalpha series

ShopBot Desktop.
Move over home office.
Hello, home factory.

ShopBot Buddy®.
16 square feet of
industrial strength CNC.

ShopBot Full-Size Tools.
Power and precision without
the price of big-iron CNC.

ShopBot 5-Axis Tools.
5-Axis CNC for less
than $40K. From any
angle, it's revolutionary.

ShopBot doesn't just provide CNC tools. We have created and are constantly building upon a comprehensive suite of resources and services to support your success.
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Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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