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You've helped make us who we are.

Dreamers, doers, makers! Lovers of hands-on projects. Weekend tinkerers. Serious small business developers. Innovators, one and all. We raise our hats to you, because your passion for making has inspired us to continue to design and build the tools that serve your needs.

You've helped us reach our 15th year of creating and distributing digital fabrication tools that empower individual makers and small businesses. In the technology field, 15 years is longevity - and we're proud to be helping you in any way we can.

If you're just discovering ShopBot, or are a veteran ShopBotter, our newly revised website is making resources easier for you to find and share with fellow Makers. Enjoy your time on our site, and get in touch with any questions. We love to hear from you!

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Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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