Our Grant Proposal Review Service

Our Grant Proposal Review Program is here to help you navigate your way to bringing a ShopBot Tool into your school system.

At ShopBot we’ve got a lot of experience and interest in education (and particularly STEM). Two Ph.D. level educators on our staff have written hundreds of grants and been involved in many different funding projects. If you have written a grant application, we would be glad to offer you general help by way of making editorial comments and suggestions and by helping you develop your arguments in seeking support for digital fabrication tools in STEM or vocational settings.

ShopBot offers a one-time grant application review and advisory phone call, free of charge. Click here to submit a draft of your proposal for our review and advice.

Funding Opportunities for STEM and other technology-related efforts

Here are some organizations that provide grants and awards for educational initiatives such as the purchase of CNC equipment. They are for schools as well as community-based projects. We encourage you to explore these opportunities, and do your own web research to find other possible sources of funds.

Making Your Case for ShopBot Tools in Technology Education

These are some bullet point thoughts that can help you make your case for adding digital fabrication technology, and ShopBot Tools in particular, to your school. These general thoughts are provided by technology educators from around the country who have implemented ShopBot with great success in their schools. We should emphasize the importance of personalizing your funding request/proposal to reflect the uniqueness of your school system and its needs.

  1. Working with a ShopBot in the classroom is motivating! By making fun, engaging projects with a ShopBot, students learn that they can be effective problem solvers.
  2. Using a ShopBot brings principles of algebra and geometry to vivid life; in fact, our teachers have reported that it helps to improve their students' standardized math test scores.
  3. Beyond the hardware, ShopBot is developing a suite of free resources such as classroom curricula and projects. There are also Teacher Training tutorials to help you get up and running, quickly and easily.
  4. Collegial atmosphere is supported via the ShopBot Forum on our website, where you can learn from other teachers, sharing tips and advice.
  5. Using the ShopBot in class allows you to meet state curriculum standards from around the country.
  6. ShopBot enables you to teach the CAD/CAM skills that are being used now in manufacturing; it gives those kids who are interested a 'leg up' in industry, as ShopBots are the same tools found in production.
  7. ShopBots are being incorporated by teachers using the Project Lead the Way STEM curriculum (as well as other STEM curricula), for much less of a financial investment than other CNC milling equipment.
  8.  Easy to use and reconfigure, ShopBots are highly versatile digital fabrication tools: use them in the wood shop, the technology classroom, the art studio and the theater department for set and prop building. ShopBots provide many opportunities for co-teaching among technology and math teachers, for example.
  9. There are scores of uses of the ShopBot for school fundraising efforts: students can make plaques, trophies and other mementos for athletics, drama and math clubs, raising money to pay for school and community programming.
  10. ShopBot has created affordable Educational Hardware Packages, and also offers free grant application reviews to help you secure the funds for purchase.

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