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ShopBot in Education

Eric Andracke's classes at Mahomet High School engage students in science, math, engineering and technology with hands-on learning.

In one project, they'll be digitally designing and fabricating working electric guitars with the help of ShopBot Tools read the story

Did you Know?

The U.S. ranks 60th in the world in producing scientists and engineers; we've fallen 22% in just the last decade. Worldwide, our students rank 23rd in science and 30th in math! To prepare our children for lives and jobs that increasingly depend on an understanding of science and math, we must make a stronger investment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education.

Are you a teacher working in career, technology, or STEM education?

You'll be interested to know that ShopBot Tools have become integral to curricula in high schools all across the country, including major school districts such as Clark County, NV (with 20 ShopBots), and Salt Lake City, UT (with 12 ShopBots).

Students at all
levels and interests
are succeeding.

At-risk students are improving their math and science knowledge due to hands-on learning using digital fabrication. Familiarity with CNC technology is making students employable right out of high school. And those students on a pre-engineering path are making leaps ahead in their preparation for college and beyond. The bottom line? As school budgets tighten and communities demand accountability, the concept of providing skills which are not only current, but ahead of the marketplace, makes more and more sense.

Watch technology teacher Steve Gallagher on the power of learning by making.

The solution isn't just tools. We have created and are constantly building upon a suite of free resources and services for educators and their students.

A few of our Resources to get you started:
Our Communities Join this free online community of teachers: learn how to fund and furnish a digital fabrication lab, share classroom projects, connect with digital fab mentors, and more.

Beyond the classroom is the place for Designers and Fabbers to get hired. List your MakerSpace, FabLab or digital fab business and start reviewing jobs posted all over the world, connect with Designers and Fabbers, participate in the forum and share your projects.

ShopBot Education Hits the Road

ShopBot has a busy touring schedule for its ShopBot Cricket Trailer. Our Education Outreach program visits conferences, schools, FabLabs, Museums, STEM and STEAM programs (the A stands for the Arts), all around the country. It's exciting to see students and teachers learning about and using the ShopBot Desktop and Handibot® Smart Power Tool. (By the way, Cricket Trailers are manufactured with the help of ShopBot Tools. But that's another story.)


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