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April 2014

Team900 wins the 5th Annual North Carolina FIRST Robotics Competition

ShopBot is proud to be a sponsor of Team900, the Zebracorns, from Durham NC. They wrote describing their winning strategy at the March regional tournament:

"Thanks to your support over the 2014 season, Team 900 won the North Carolina Regional FIRST Robotics competition! This marks the first time we have achieved such a victory; in the school's twelve year history of robotics we had never even made it into the finals. In addition to winning the championship, we received the Excellence in Engineering Award.

We are thrilled with our victory and believe we now have the recipe for a successful season. From the start, we used statistical analysis to determine a strategy that we thought would be extremely unique and effective. We designed our robot with simplicity in mind and limited it to the two main features required for our strategy; a solid drivetrain for effective defense and a powerful catapult to launch the game piece (a 2' diameter exercise ball) over a six foot metal truss. While other teams would throw the ball four or five feet, our robot had a range of over forty five. After many hours of prototyping, practice, rebuilding, and more practice, we had a solid robot that we felt met all of our standards.

Over the course of our regional's qualification matches, Team 900 played eleven times losing only once. By the end, we were ranked 2nd out of 54 teams, granting us the opportunity to pick our own alliance. Rather than following the conventional path of choosing the highest ranking teams, our representative selected the 44th ranked team followed by the 38th. With an offensive bot that could consistently score in the low goal and a defensive bot that could push anything out of the way, we had all the right ingredients for our "secret sauce".

After a series of nail-biting elimination matches, we were facing the final "sudden death" match with only two functioning robots. The offensive bot on our alliance had died on the field half-way through the previous match. Our team went straight to work using the six minute break to bring the robot back to life. Not only did it work, but it paved the way to our 167 to 122 victory!

Our win has granted us the opportunity to attend the FIRST Robotics Championship event in St. Louis, Missouri. This incredible victory marks an important time for our team and community, and we couldn't have done it without your help. We have learned quite a bit this season and are confident that we can continue being a strong, successful team for many seasons to come."

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VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition v7.5 released

If you are eligible for this update, you should have received an email from ShopBot with instructions on how to access the update. If you have any questions about eligibility, contact ShopBot.

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