The Handibot® Smart Power Tool

Ed Wall

ShopBot's "Handibot"® is a Universal Digital Power Tool, (UDPT or “U-deep”), a new class of technologically empowering hand tools ... maybe just think of them as Smart Tools. Single-purpose, task-oriented apps will put a Handibot® smart power tool to work at the push of a button. The tools use computer-control of high-precision robotic motion to put accurate cutting, drilling, and machining into an individual's hands. Everyone will be able to do new kinds of work, jobs, project, installations, and upgrades with skilled results.

CNCs Evolved and Made Easy!

Handibot® smart power tools represent an exciting evolution of the industrial automation equipment known as CNC tools. CNC tools can be very powerful for making stuff, but can be intimidatingly complex, hard to program, and have not been realistically considered job-site equipment. With Handibot tools, or UDPTs in general, the tools can be picked-up and held at (or on) the work area; and they will be operated by push-button software apps to accomplish specific tasks or jobs.

An Innovation Platform

Our Handibot® power tool is an open innovation platform for UDPTs. We are developing an ecosystem to support application development for the Handibot® platform that will help empower the devices and drive adoption. This section of the ShopBot website describes and documents the structural and mechanical aspects of the Handibot project. Today’s prototype Handibot power tools are already robust little CNC machines. But we appreciate that to be as useful and powerful as possible a tool, they will need to evolve and be accompanied by inspired applications and accessories. That is why we are committed to open innovation and development of the Handibot platform.

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Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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