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David Buchsbaum writes about cabinetmaking and woodworking.

He shares tips and techniques, and a few of his thoughts about integrating CNC into cabinetmaking. David builds custom cabinets and furniture in Atlanta GA.
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CNC for All Size Cabinet Shops: What Can Your ShopBot Do?

Making cabinet components on a ShopBot CNC router has become a common practice today. The technology of manufacturing cabinet boxes, doors, drawer fronts, shelves and even countertops with a robotic tool is now well within the reach of smaller shops.  Using CNC technology, cabinetmakers are now able to increase production throughput while minimizing material handling.  For example, a ShopBot CNC router can drill shelf pin holes, cut rabbets and dados and profile cut the completed panel.  The operator only needs to handle the full sheet once to load the machine, and then remove the perfectly cut parts when complete.  When the parts are removed from the machine they are ready for assembly.

Adding Special Features to Your Cabinets

Small and medium shops alike can take full advantage of the CNC process, not only to compete with larger automated shops, but to create value-added parts that distinguish them from competitors.  A 3D relief cut on the same CNC can be used as an appliqué or accent to an otherwise ordinary panel without the time investment of hand-carving.  Door and drawer fronts can be contoured in nearly any shape, allowing you to transform an ordinary door into an extraordinary design that gets your work noticed.  With a talented designer on your team, the possibilities for custom or one-off designs are endless!

Beacon Custom Woodwork

Beacon Custom Woodwork

Beacon Custom Woodwork

Beacon Custom Woodwork

Bill Majer

Deep Cove Furniture

Gary Spear

Hardwood Designs

Hardwood Designs

Hunn Cabinet Company

Hunn Cabinet Company

Hunn Cabinet Company

A Few of the Cabinetmakers using ShopBots

Beacon Custom Woodwork, David Buchsbaum - Atlanta, GA, Custom Cabinets
Hardwood Designs, Jan Bouterse - Hillsborough, NC, Custom Cabinetry & Interiors
Hunn Cabinet Company, Ronald Hunn - Morganton, WV, Custom Cabinets
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A Recommended CNC Cabinetmaking Machine

ShopBot Components of a Cabinetmaking Machine

Ask about our CNC Cabinet Shop Packages.  Each package is oriented to slightly different needs of a cabinet shop and offers a choice of cabinetmaking machines suited to the kinds of work and methods of the shop.  The Packages are all based on our PRSalpha professional-level CNC routers.  The packages offer a variety of tool head options, beginning with ShopBot's Automatic Tool Changer system (ATC) and including dual Z heads or optional Air Drills.  Besides providing a high-performance PRSalpha CNC, these cabinet machine include a 16.9hp vacuum hold-down for securing sheet material during processing.

Software Makes it a Cabinetmaking System

Cabinet shops find themselves in different situations with respect to software for designing cabinets and for creating and optimizing the files to run a CNC tool that cuts them out:

Situation A.  Some shops already have complete cabinet design software that includes tool path (CAM) capabilities as well as design, display and rendering capabilities.  If you do, you are all set.  Most major cabinet software packages will directly output to your ShopBot CNC tool and you should be ready for CNC production when your ShopBot arrives.  Or, you may only need to purchase the optional CNC module for the software you are already using.

Situation B.  If you do not already own professional cabinet design software, ShopBot is now working with Thermwood to offer an amazing CNC cabinetmaking opportunity, eCabinets for ShopBots.  The eCabinet/ShopBot Link software module provides full production cutting of eCabinet designs on your ShopBot CNC.  eCabinets is a leading cabinet and furniture design system that is available for free download to professional cabinet shops, but until now production could only be done on Thermwood CNCs. eCabinets has recently added libraries of cabinets, furniture and carvings that make it arguably the best cabinet system available.  The eCabinet capability of adds tremendous capability and value to ShopBot cabinetmaking systems.  [Read about Thermwood & ShopBot eCabinet partnership]

Templating System (accurate measuring for CNC cabinet jobs)

ShopBot Resources for Cabinetmakers

Web Resources for Cabinetmakers

Business Resources for Cabinetmakers

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